We’ve Designed a Collection of the Ultimate Garage Accessories

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GarageKing has designed a cool and sophisticated collection of garage accessories for optimising your space. From bike racks to fishing rod holders, tool brackets and golf bag kits, you are sure to find everything you need to make your unused space the perfect work/lifestyle zone. All our products are thoroughly designed and produced with high quality stainless steel to ensure their longevity.

GarageKing is a leader in Australian home storage solutions, and we take our passion very seriously. Whether you are looking to invigorate your DIY workspace or wanting to create the ultimate leisure zone - we have you covered with everything you need to make your space a lifestyle lover’s dream. Browse our range here and find out why Australians choose GarageKing for their storage solutions.

High end garage accessories for work/leisure spaces

Whether you’re a golf lover who waits all week to get out onto the green, a wine connoisseur who loves nothing more than entertaining friends on a Friday night, or a weekend getaway enthusiast who has a knock for catching the big fish - GarageKing has you covered with a range of high grade products that enhance your home (and your hobby’s) convenience - allowing you to safely hold your essentials and grab them whenever you need them.

This includes a complete range of tool accessories home DIY experts and weekend mechanics. From full storage solutions, complete with wall bays, cabinets and workbenches, to accessories like bracket holders, hooks and plastic bins - GarageKing is a label that you can trust has the safety and convenience of your goods close at heart.

Complete your space with our full workspace modules

GarageKing’s workspace kits are designed to make home DIY work easy. If you’re someone who loves getting out into the tool shed or garage on the weekend and building something outstanding - we’ve got you covered with the best designs available in Australia. First class kits complete with all the essentials is what we do best, with happy customers across Australia giving us amazing feedback based on the individual, highly modular systems we produce.

We believe in first class designs

GarageKing has been producing storage solutions for over 45 years. Therefore, you can trust that our collection contains world class components that work wonders in your area. We don’t believe in producing subpar products, and if we felt that that was what we were doing, we would swiftly shut up shop. If you are looking to optimise space or produce a stellar workzone, GarageKing has the designs you need to get started. Browse our extensive range of products and see why we have earned a longstanding reputation for producing cutting-edge components.

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