The Tradie or DIY Expert’s Dream Garage Workbench

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Few things are as important to a handyperson than their garage workbench and storage space. It is the combination of work and convenience that makes this vital component so precious to a tradie or DIY expert. What’s most important is having a workspace that allows you to work to your fullest efficiency, and GarageKing is the designer of these workspaces.

Our garage tool storage benches are produced to allow for maximum skill and ease of access, with plenty of lockable space and a wide bench to allow you to work to your fullest capacity. Furthermore, our designs are produced in high grade steel with powder coated Hammer tone, furthering their durability and sophistication. For handy people who love nothing more than working on a well-organised, highly efficient benchtop, we’ve got you covered with the finest, most cutting-edge designs in the industry - browse them right here at the GarageKing online store.

Custom storage garage workbenches for the organised tradie

GarageKing prides itself in its ability to create benchtops that further a handyperson’s ability to do an awesome job. With ample space for storing tools, drafting designs and working on components, you will find our durable, high grade styles perfect for getting the job done properly.

What’s more, we have designed complete modular kits that allow you to do everything you need and store equipment exactly where you need to locate it. This includes high quality wall bays and cutting-edge shelving units. These designs have been produced to complete the tradie, DIY expert or outdoorsy type’s work or leisure space.

Accessories include plastic bins, tool holders, bike hooks and fishing rod racks - the stuff made for the ultimate handyperson or outdoors set. Highly flexible and versatile, you can choose various components given your individual needs. Once they are delivered, each component’s modular designs will allow you to lay them out exactly how you like, creating your dream, optimised work/leisure space.

We believe in world class quality

GarageKing is the result of 45 years of industry experience, with design principles that allow us to produce nothing short of first class finishes with every component. We know you want nothing more than to be able to work with ease or pick up your goods without any problems, and our capacity for open, stylish storage spaces allows for exactly that.

Browse world class solutions here at GarageKing’s online store: here you will find everything from the eponymous workbenches to bike hooks and more. We are the space superstars, allowing you to optimise your garage’s efficiency and work and live with skill and ease. Find everything you need for the dream workspace here at GarageKing.