Designer of Stylish & Contemporary Wine Storage Units for Garages

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GarageKing creates ultra modern garage wine storage for contemporary homes. Designed to hold six or 10 bottles, and produced with high grade stainless steel. Our products are perfect for connoisseurs who believe in the importance of proper storage. These racks are perfect for placing in either the kitchen, garage or cellar, and their horizontal design is perfect for keeping the cork moist.

As a leader in home space optimisation, our products are made to keep your areas tidy and clutter-free. These styles are made to hold your favourite drops in a safe and convenient manner, allowing you to bust out a quality red whenever the occasion calls for it. Check out our collection and find out why GarageKing has a longstanding reputation for first class storage products.

Steel wine racks for cabinet storage

GarageKing’s racks are perfect for freestanding or cabinet storage. Whatever your space’s design, our products can ensure your wine is kept safe and ready to be enjoyed. Made from high quality stainless steel, you can trust that our styles will last for many celebrations, becoming the perfect start or addition to your home sommelier space.

We are leaders in home storage expertise

GarageKing’s team has been producing first class solutions for over 45 years, and know exactly what is needed to produce high quality, highly flexible products that amplify your space and create the perfect lifestyle stone. If you love home DIY or a bit of a bon vivant - we have just the solutions for you - with luxurious, highly sophisticated products that are perfect for producing dream spaces.

This includes everything from storage starter kits, each completed with individual, modular pieces, to individual cabinets, perfect for storing tools and other goods. Our wine storage can be added to a kit that comes complete with shelving and a workbench (perfect for busting out a celebratory drop after completing a home DIY project). Whatever you love about your life and leisure, GarageKing is here to make it all the more convenient.

Purveyors of high quality storage units

If the GarageKing team ever felt like they were producing subpar products - they would pack up and close up shop today. Thankfully, we are truly passionate about our craft and love what we do, so you can trust that you will only get the best from our team.

Whether you are looking for complete kits or just a few high grade accessories, GarageKing has everything you need to ensure your goods are kept safe and at the ready whenever you need them. Check out our extensive range here and see why GarageKing is so popular.

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