Designers of Heavy Duty Garage Storage Cabinets

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GarageKing is a renowned designer and manufacturer of first class, incredibly modern garage storage cupboards. Our styles are designed to optimise space and efficiency, allowing the individual to easily and safely store their items as well as grab them whenever they need them. For tradies and DIY experts who believe in ultimate organisation, our designs are perfect, with clear, open shelves providing easy access for the individual.

Produced in high quality steel, our range is made for quality and durability. Furthermore, our garage cabinets and storage products are powder coated in the stylish Hammer tone, providing added resistance to scratching and wear. We have been developing world class metal space designs for over 45 years, and have refined our practice down to a fine art. If you’re a tradesperson or DIY expert who loves nothing more than efficiency in the workplace then our products are perfect for you.

Complete your layout with our custom inventory sets

GarageKing has a longstanding reputation for producing the best rated garage storage cabinets with doors, and our complete kits add testament to this reputation. To complete the ultimate workspace, ensure you buy our comprehensive product range, which includes world class wall bays, shelves, workbenches, shoe racks, bike racks and more.

Our garage storage kits come complete with everything you need to do an amazing job at the home or workplace, including spacious drawers, large metal lockers, tool holders, plastic bins and more. What makes our lockable free standing garage storage cabinets and sets so incredible is their highly modular functionality. Wonderfully flexible and versatile, our products allow the individual to create their dream workspace, one that can easily be rearranged and reconfigured as they please.

Quality is king for our heavy duty units

Whether you’re completing a component for a client’s home or making awesome DIY plans - nothing is more important than ensuring you have a high quality layout for you to work well and get the job done efficiently. Therefore, when you come to GarageKing to find components for sale, you will find nothing but highly refined products that are the result of over 45 years of industry experience.

As passionate product designers, the GarageKing team takes proper inventory seriously. When we went to work on creating our styles, we wanted to ensure that every line and finish was perfected, not only to ensure durability and quality, but also to produce highly flexible, modular designs that allowed for the individual to produce their dream workspace. Here, you will find the outstanding result of years of dedication, practice, refinement - all the aspects required to make a style as optimised as ours. Browse the stunning range here.

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