Looking for the Perfect DIY Fishing Rod Holder?

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GarageKing designs and produces high quality DIY fishing rod holders for garage spaces. If you love being out on the sea, looking for that ultimate catch, but don’t keep your gear in the best order, then our range is perfect for you. Why? Because everything GarageKing produces is made with the finest design principles and manufactured using the highest quality steel and powder coated in durable Hammer tone. They come in both 600 and 900MM width, depending on how many rods you keep at the ready.

GarageKing is a trade and lifestyle label that believes in producing nothing short of the highest quality storage components. Whether it’s a wall bay, workbench, or some of our lifestyle designs (including these awesome racks), then you can be sure that they will be of the highest quality. Check out the collection here and find out why GarageKing rules supreme in the space game.

The ultimate fishing rod racks for the garage

GarageKing - the name says it all. Anything you need to turn your space into an all-encompassing work and lifestyle zone - we have it for you here. Whether it’s picking up one of our first class modular building kits or something as apparently simple as fishing rod holders, we have it for sale right here at our online store. The combination of space and efficiency is paramount to our team - we have been designing quality products for many years, and know what it takes to create quality across the board.

Our fishing rod holders are the perfect appendage to the ultimate leisure zone. Pick up some of our storage hooks, shoe racks and even wine racks, making your space one to be admired. Everything we produce is designed with purpose: it has to fulfill a particular task and do so with ease. Our styles are made for ultimate efficiency, flexibility and, of course, style, helping to create a modern, sophisticated aesthetic - one that you will love working in and as a place to start adventures.

Quality is king here

Nothing is more important than quality. We have been working in this industry for 45 years, and know what it takes to produce a high grade component, one that you can be proud and happy to add to your space. Whether it be our fishing rod racks or something larger - we have you covered with first class innovation produced with quality materials.

Feel free to browse the extensive lifestyle range here at GarageKing. With everything from wine racks to bike holders and more, we have everything you need to turn your space into one you will be happy to show off to friends and family.

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