Garage Tool Storage Systems

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GarageKing designs and manufactures cutting edge garage tool holders and brackets. Perfect for holding everything from your chainsaw to your brush cutter, timber to your rakes, our collection is designed for DIY and home maintenance lovers. Each product has been designed with the GarageKing signature quality and produced with high quality stainless steel.

GarageKing is a leader in home space maximisation, and knows what is needed to ensure all your essentials are kept in a safe and convenient location. With awesome products that keep all your essentials out of the way but ready for you to grab whenever you need them - you can be sure that equipping your work zone with GarageKing products is a step in the right storage direction. Check out the awesome collection of hooks, holders, bars and brackets here, and find out why GarageKing is a leader in state of the art inventory solutions.

Garage tool storage racks for convenient spaces

There is nothing worse than going to reach for a tool but not knowing exactly where you last left it. That sounds like amateur hour at the home DIY zone, and is something that experienced producers happily do without. Why? Because they organised their space with cutting-edge solutions that ensure their products are safe and ready to go when they need them.

GarageKing produces the garage tool storage racks and cabinets that ensure this happens. Each one of our components is made to hold your essentials in a way that is perfect for each tool, helping you create a stylish and aesthetically-pleasing space that allows for full convenience when undertaking a home job.

Complete your space with our extended storage range

GarageKing doesn’t stop at highly quality accessories. No, we are purveyors of high grade inventory solutions that help create the ultimate workspace. This includes everything from work benches to shelving, spacious cupboards and everything in between.

We produce complete kits that come with each component individually, a highly flexible and modular solution for people who like to design their garages in particular ways to suit their jobs. The GarageKing team believes in producing nothing short of the highest quality systems for home and business owners across the country, that is why, when you come to us for your components, you will find top class designs produced with the best materials.

As a team of designers who have over 45 years industry experience, you can trust that we create products that people love to add to the home. Included is everything you see here at our online store: first rate, well-manufactured kits and individual solutions that optimise your space and make for the perfect leisure zone. Browse the range and find out why Australians are choosing GarageKing for their home DIY/lifestyles spaces.

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