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GarageKing - Revolutionise Your Garage Storage with Integrated Wall-Mounted Garage Shelves

Looking to reclaim valuable garage space? Look no further than GarageKing's cutting-edge range of integrated wall-mounted garage shelves. Our custom-designed base range of garage storage shelves is securely bolted to your garage walls, providing a sturdy foundation for your storage needs. With a perforated pegboard backing, our shelves offer not only storage but also the flexibility to utilise the space between shelves with our assortment of storage hooks and brackets.

Durability and Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Crafted from industrial-grade 1.2mm mild steel, our GarageKing Garage Storage Shelves are built to last. Powder-coated in a Hammer tone texture, they offer added durability and resistance to wear and tear. Choose from various width and depth options, including 600mm and 900mm widths and depths of 250mm, 350mm, and 450mm. Whether you have a small or large garage, we can custom-design the perfect garage shelving solution for you.

Versatile Solutions for Your Changing Needs

As your storage needs evolve, our garage shelving systems grow with you. Add more kits, cabinets, or shelf bays at any time to expand your garage storage capacity seamlessly.

Freestanding Options for Convenience

For those who prefer not to attach shelves to their walls, we offer heavy-duty freestanding garage storage solutions. Our DIY garage storage range includes top-quality metal storage cabinets, drawers, tool chests, and workbenches. Our metal garage drawer units are perfect for organising smaller tools and bits, and they can easily integrate into your wall bay storage as well.

Quality and Expertise You Can Trust

With over 45 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality garage storage shelves in Australia, GarageKing is a name you can rely on. Our unique modular steel storage solutions are designed with versatility and strength in mind, making them suitable for all home garages, big or small. All shelves and accessories conveniently clip into place and can be rearranged with ease.

Experience the Difference with GarageKing's Garage Shelves

Maximise your garage space and elevate your storage game with GarageKing's premium garage shelving solutions. Request your FREE Garage Storage Measure, Design, and Quote today and see how our integrated wall-mounted shelves can transform your garage into a well-organised and efficient space.