Customised Garage Shelving Units to Optimise Your Space

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Garage storage shelves are the backbone of any workspace. How can any tradie or DIY lover work efficiently without these simple yet most effective storage spaces? They might seem like a simple, fundamental piece of technology, but there is nothing more important than ensuring their quality, and GarageKing produces shelving solutions that are of the highest quality.

We are a renowned designer of flexible, highly modular workspaces. Whether you are building something new for the home or a professional tradie finishing off a project at the workplace, GarageKing’s incredibly versatile designs are perfect for ensuring your equipment is safe and accessible at each of the job’s passing moments. We are dedicated to building world class products, and our DIY shelves are produced with high quality steel and powder coated in durable Hammer tone. For the best workspace innovations in Australia, GarageKing is your first choice provider.

Complete your heavy duty garage shelves with our modular workspaces

For serious tradies or DIY lovers, you need a complete, highly flexible workspace to be able to tackle different jobs as they come. Sometimes a particular layout won’t work for a particular job - frustration sets in, and getting the job done efficiently can become a real nuisance.

But there is an answer to this problem: completing your shelving systems with a fully designed modular work area. Our complete collection, for sale here at our online store, is complete with everything you need to work hard and well - regardless of the job at hand. This includes high grade wall bays, storage racking cupboards and workbenches, all produced using our top class steel and powder coated in Hammer tone. This tone further ensures our products’ durability and vigour.

Producers of quality leisure storage solutions

If you want to build a set of the ultimate large storage shelves for your garage, why not complete it with some of the highest quality leisure storage products on the market? GarageKing produces high quality products for ensuring all your other necessities are safe and accessible, including bike racks, shoe holders, fishing rod holders and more. Each item contains the GarageKing design excellence tick of approval and are sure to play an important role in your space’s organisation.

We believe in quality products

GarageKing is the result of 45 years of hard work and dedication to our craft. We have been working in the storage solutions industry for years, refining our skills and putting space optimisation down to a fine art. If you are a person who believes your inventory systems should be as efficient as possible - GarageKing’s designs are perfect for you. Flexible, modular and incredibly accessible, you will be thrilled at the sturdy quality and coated durability that is a hallmark of our products.