We Design Cutting-Edge Garage Wall Storage Systems

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GarageKing designs and produces state of the art garage wall storage units. Our state of the art wall bays are designed for optimal efficiency, allowing tradies and DIY experts alike to easily access their tools as soon as they need them. For people who believe organisation is key to efficiency, our solutions are the perfect home/business design.

Produced in high grade steel and powder coated with Hammer tone that adds durability and sophistication, our bays are made to last, hold tools and equipment safely and enhance the space’s aesthetic. Our solutions are available in add-on and start bay designs, allowing you to slot them in exactly where you want them. These solutions are the perfect start to a complete GarageKing layout, with our extended range of designs further complimenting this essential product. Browse here at our online store and find out why GarageKing has a reputation for first class designs.

Add to the design with our garage wall cabinets & shelving

Now that you have found the ultimate bay for your inventory, it is time to complete the layout with GarageKing’s world class cabinets and shelving. Further enhancing your space’s style and efficiency, our designs are made to allow for maximum clarity of vision, as well as ease of access, providing the home or business owner with an open space to grab exactly what they need exactly when they need it.

Forget outdated, inefficient solutions - they only slow down productivity and hold the individual back - it’s time to take a step up with GarageKing’s cutting-edge range. Our wall hanging garage storage, including the above-listed products, are perfect for anyone who wants to work well, in good time and without the hold ups of outdated spaces. Our garage storage wall shelves, when added to our modular designs, will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our storage kits are some of the world’s finest

GarageKing’s garage wall storage shelves are designed for quality, with durability and efficiency perfectly combining to produce a stunning finish. Contemporary and perfect for installing in a modern space, our customers find their solutions to be nothing short of a joy for working with skill and ease. Complete with shelves, racks, tool holders, plastic bins and more, our range is comprehensive and has everything needed to work the smart way.

Quality is king here

GarageKing believes in nothing less than producing the highest quality inventory solutions available Australia-wide. To us, proper inventory is a fundamental key to working well and doing a great job. Therefore, we have spent years developing these fine systems for you to install at the home or workplace.

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