We Produce High Grade Garage Bike Storage

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We know how important your bike’s safety is to you, and so we produce state of the art bike storage racks for garages. Our designs are innovative and are produced with high quality materials. They are made to provide utmost safety and accessibility for your bicycle, ensuring it is safe from dirt and knocks whilst being easy to grab whenever you want to hit the road.

GarageKing exists as a trade and lifestyle label dedicated to optimising home space. There is so much opportunity to turn parts of the home into inventory zones, allowing for safety and efficiency regardless of the activity. Our designs are all produced using high quality materials like steel and powder coats to ensure their longevity over time. The same goes for the below collection, check them out here and find out why GarageKing is a lifestyle lover’s first choice for space optimisation.

Vertical bike roof racks for easy access

If you’re a serious cyclist with a premium model, the last thing you want is for your bike to be at risk of knocks, grime, dust or any other kind of potentially hazardous occurrence. What you need to ensure your cycle is safe is a high quality DIY ceiling holder. Our solutions are designed to keep your model safe whilst making it easy to grab: this is shown through one of the system’s unique swivel design which grants easy access to the bike itself.

GarageKing, as one of Australia’s prominent lifestyle storage labels, designs only the highest quality products. This can be seen through the below collection as well our complete lifestyle range, which includes everything from wine racks to shoe holders, wire baskets and more. Complete your lifestyle zone with whatever you need to heighten convenience and, therefore, enjoyment.

We are a tradie’s dream store, too

GarageKing doesn’t only make lifestyle products like vertical bike holding solutions, we also produce components to make your garage a handyperson’s paradise. Perhaps you need a quality wall bay to hold your tools? Or do you require cutting-edge storage cupboards to ensure your equipment is never exposed to the elements?

Perhaps you’re a professional tradie or DIY lover who needs the whole kit to ensure everything you need to maximise efficiency is at the ready whenever you need it? Whatever it is - GarageKing has you covered. We love nothing more than producing quality inventory designs; we have been creating quality products for years and will continue to bring out stunning designs that optimise efficiency whether in life or work. Check out our extensive collection - here you will find everything you need to work well and enjoy your hard-earned time off.

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