High Quality Garage Storage Wire Baskets for Storing Essentials

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Tradies and DIY lovers alike will tell you: you need all your smaller essentials safely stored. There is nothing worse than searching endlessly for a particular tool, part or bolt that could have otherwise been easily located. It’s a nuisance that is easily avoided, and GarageKing has the perfect solution for you right here: high quality garage wire basket storage.

Our designs are made for efficiency and produced with high quality steel to ensure longevity. For any handyperson who loves their essentials kept organised and always at the ready - these are the products for you. We believe in creating nothing short of the best standard, whether it be for something large like wall bays and workbenches or even these smaller components - check out the range and find out why GarageKing is a long time leader in quality workspace essentials.

Add your wire storage baskets to your home work kit

Our baskets are the perfect addition to your perfect garage workspace. If you love nothing more than planning, designing, building and crafting, you can’t look any further than GarageKing’s modular home handy kits. Complete with elements like wall bays, cabinets, shelves, bracket holders and workbenches, these innovative pieces come individually and are perfect for producing the perfect home work zone.

GarageKing and its designers take their craft seriously, and this shows through the production of high grade home storage components. With form and function at the heart of our equipment, and with an eye for sharp, sophisticated designs, you can trust that our durable and accessible components will keep for years as you continue to undertake awesome work at home.

We produce innovative lifestyle products, too

GarageKing isn’t just a tradie’s dream brand: we also produce cutting-edge lifestyle accessories that ensure your goods are always at the ready when you need them. Enjoy a spot of fishing? Our racks will ensure your rods are held safe and ready for those Saturday morning outings on the boat. Or are you a lover of getting out on the bike whenever the weather permits? Then our bike storage racks will keep your pride and joy safe and sound in between rides.

We are purveyors of quality

The GarageKing team doesn’t believe in producing shoddy products. To us, subpar design and production is equal to futility; if we weren’t happy with our work we would close - it’s as simple as that. But we are thrilled with the designs we’ve created, 45 years in the making and ready to be enjoyed at your home or workplace. Check out our extensive collection here and find out why GarageKing is the leader in home storage essentials.

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