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Garageking® offers the solution that you need to create storage within the unused areas of your home with an extremely versatile wall system that is high in quality as well as being extremely affordable.

This unique modular steel system has been designed to suit each individual need allowing you to utilise every aspect of your wasted space.

GarageKing® has been developing for over 45 years in Australia to ensure we have the best possible product for you.

It is manufactured in 1.2mm mild steel with all components powder coated in a Hammer tone texture giving it added durability and resistance to normal wear and tear, as well as an attractive and modern look.

The garage is often the forgotten room but with GarageKing you can turn it into a storage haven and at the same time add value onto your home.

Versatility, Flexibility and Quality were all things that GarageKing kept in mind during the design process allowing ease to you.

GarageKing has a very easy installation process and all products and accessories then ‘clip’ into place, which also allows them to be re-arranged with your changing needs.

GarageKing has a diverse range of accessories covering a wide variety of uses, you name it, GarageKing can store it!

Accessories range from Cupboards, Shelves, Shoe & Wine Racks to Bike Racks, Stainless Steel Work Benches, Fishing Rod Holders, Baskets, Hooks and more.

There is no doubt that with the help of GarageKing you will be the envy of all your neighbours.

“GarageKing – Where Space Becomes Storage”


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