Garage Storage Shoe Racks - Shoe Storage to Revolutionise Your Life!

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What's Your Shoe Story?

Are your shoes dumped in a pile at the garage door because you don't have a shoe rack or garage storage to contain them?

Do you constantly trip over them and lose their pair?

Don't dump those shoes on the floor anymore!

First up, it's not good for your shoes!

It's also a trip hazard, and it looks terrible! (Not that we're judging you!)


We have a great shoe storage solution, and it's versatile and can grow with any expanding shoe collection. And it looks sleek and stylish!

You can fill an entire wall with shoes if you want (or need ) too!


Our shoe racks are available in 600mm and 900mm lengths and can be adjusted anytime and for any need.

They simply click into your GarageKing Garage Storage Smart Wall Bays.

You can adjust the height of each shoe rack to suit the shoes you have or acquire.

Added a few pairs of knee-high boots in this year's end-of-season sale?

Unclip one of the shoe racks and move it up a few notches. Instant height added!

Now, we mentioned our shoe racks look fantastic and are sleek and stylish, and this is true; however, you do need to put in a little work to keep them looking sleek and stylish.


Here's a few tips to set you on the right path!

  • Group like for like - sort into gender, style and size.
  • Keep each person's shoes on their own racks to avoid confusion. 
  • Keep your flats, work boots, sneakers, and sports shoes together in categories. Heels, thongs, slippers, slides etc. etc.
  • Sort them into heights within each group - smallest heel to biggest heel, biggest work boot to smallest work boot, you get the idea right!
  • Make sure each shoe has its pair.


Top Tip: This is a great time to cull any shoes that are old, worn, broken or just don't fit anymore.

From this point, you have two choices. First, you can start placing them on your shoe racks from the sorting process we've just done, and they will look great. Or you can go one step further - this one is for all of you fanatics who love order - and you can sort them into colours. Light to dark or dark to light! 

Top Tip: When organising a shelf that has high boots on it stuff the boots with some kind of paper or bubble wrap. This means they'll stand upright and look uniform and tidy.

However, if you don't mind whether stand or not simply find the natural fall of the leather and stand it on the shoe rack like that.

You will find that usually the natural fold will be on the zipper side of the boot, but there are certainly exceptions - suede for example.

 The higher the boot and the stiffer the leather can make them look a little messy when organising them this way, but if it doesn't bother you go for it!

Our shoe racks are easy to install in your GarageKing Garage Storage Solution, and storing your shoes in a neat and tidy way will revolutionise your shoe storage woos. 

Enjoy your shoe-racking journey and as always, call or message us if you need some planning help or advice!

Now, here's the big question of the day! How many pairs of shoes are too many? *Asking for a friend!

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Boots on a garage storage shoe rack system


A garage storage garage shoe rack

Men's shoes on a garage shoe rack

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