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Not sure what your garage renovation will look like after it's complete?

Then check out some of our GarageKing before and after shots!

Whether you want a single garage wall renovation or four garage walls to renovate, we have the products and the know-how to transform your garage from mess to best quickly and effectively.

Regardless of what you need to store, our garage storage experts will create a design that will maximise your available space, in many instances increasing the available storage area ten-fold.


This is a single-wall garage storage install in Melbourne, Victoria.

The client requested a workbench with under-bench cabinets, tall metal storage cabinets on either side and three bays of perforated smart storage wall bays.

He also requested our golf bag holder to store his golf bag securely and wire baskets and shelves.

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A before and after image of a garage storage installation by GarageKing Garage Storage Solutions



This three-bay garage storage install is compact and practical.
The goal for this storage solution was to contain their many pairs of shoes!
They have 12 shoe racks in all. Two 900mm shoe racks and a 600mm shoe rack.
Along with wire storage baskets along the base of the garage storage system.

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Garage storage system with shoe racks and wire baskets



This install contains a stainless workbench with under-bench lockable cabinets, each having two shelves.
The tall metal storage cabinet measures 1800mm high and 900mm wide, allowing ample storage to contain any valuable items you'd like locked away or behind doors.
Garage storage shelves throughout this garage storage solution allow for items you want close at hand or within easy reach. 
And finally, they have half a wall of sore racks to contain the family's show collection.

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A before and after garage storage project


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