Hooked on Hooks!

Author: Raquel  

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This month we're asking the question;
Why do I need a perforated wall bays in my garage storage system?
Because not only does this wall bay system have shelves, cupboards and brackets, you can also add a very clever little storage accessory - A Hook! Many, many hooks!

Next time you're in your favourite store, look a little closer and see how many items they've hung on hooks. You might just be surprised what you can do with them and how much extra space you can claim back!

It's no secret that we are hooked on hooks!
Hooks may seem unimportant but let us tell you, they open up a whole new world of smart storage! 

Accessories like hooks are one of the most important ways to increase your space ten-fold. Trust us, we know! We've been using them for years. And, they are far from expensive! In fact, they are one of the most affordable accessories in town!

Small hooks, large hooks, double-pronged hooks, single-prong hooks, universal hooks... These babies will change your life!

So, how do these simple little metal things increase your storage space? 
Because it means you can fill the in-between dead spaces on your wall.

There are many household or garage items a hook can hold, even if that item doesn't have a hole in it.

Two hooks side-by-side - makeshift shelf!
Space between your shelving system - room to hang things like spanners, sheers, and dog leads.

Check out some of these ideas for a bit of inspo!



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