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Seasonal Storage!

How to store your Christmas decorations!

christmas decoration storage

Are you a Christmas fanatic who has lots of Christmas decorations to store?

Now that the Christmas decorations are down, it's time to pack them away for next year!

Holiday items that we use once a year don't need to be stored anywhere within easy reach. There's no point taking up valuable easy-to-reach storage spaces for something that won't be looked at for another 11 months.

Unless you are planing a Christmas in July celebration!

Store them up high, as close to the ceiling as possible.

Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes!


Sorting Tips!


•          Store like with like – it makes it much easier when you get them out again.

•          Store Christmas trees in a Christmas tree storage container – they are long and narrow and fit perfectly!

•          Pick up some divided Christmas bauble divvied boxes to store fragile decorations

•          Wrap Christmas tree lights around a coat hanger or piece of cardboard so it's easy to unravel next Christmas.


Planning a Christmas in July celebration? Fill one tub with the decoration you will use so they are all together! Mark this storage tub so you can find it easily when July comes.



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