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Author: Raquel  Date Posted: 18 May 2021 

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Ditch the Stress and Increase your Storage Space Tenfold with GarageKing 


Tips To Decluttering Before Your GarageKing Garage Storage System Arrives!

Installing a new garage storage system is the perfect time to declutter, and we have a few great tips to get you on your way and to avoid falling off the rails part way through!

Clutter in your home can cause significant stress in your life. It’s not just about the mess around you, it can take a mental and physical toll too. Many of us go through life collecting things; it's human nature. The problems arise when we don't let go of things we don't need anymore.

I can give you an example here! My husband has had a coffee grinder in the garage that stopped working five years ago! He kept it just in case he needed spare parts for the new one someday! He rarely throws anything away, you should see the number of cables we have! I imagine if you are here reading this post, then you or someone in your household is the same way! But don’t get overwhelmed; we’re here to help!

Peter Walsh, decluttering guru and Oprah’s organising expert, says that clutter is anything that stops people from living their best life. ‘If the things you own are not helping you create the life you want, why do you have them in your home?’ That sounds like good advice to me!

Getting Organised and Staying Organised!

Keep in mind that it’s one thing to declutter and organise belongings and surroundings, but it’s another thing to STAY organised. Enter GarageKing Smart Garage Storage Solutions!

The only way to stay on top of future clutter is to have dedicated places to store the belongings you have decided to keep.

Stacking it all on the floor will only bring back bad habits and frustration. A combination of metal shelves, metal cupboards and perforated hanging bays with hooks and baskets and stainless steel workbenches will keep everything contained and tidy.

Here are our tips for deciding what you should throw, keep, sell or store. First up, ask yourself these questions:

Do I need this item?

Is this item still in good condition?

Will I use this item again?

Do I want to use this item again?

Do I even like this item anymore?

I watched a television show last week featuring a couple who had over 250 bags in their garage. Oh my! Another guy I read about had over 120 screwdrivers, but he could only find six of them! Frustrating right?!

If this sounds like you, it is time to get moving and declutter your garage. Who knows, it might even be the inspiration you need to declutter and organise your whole house!

It all starts withletting go of the things you don't need anymore!

If decluttering your garage all at once is overwhelming, try Peter’sTrash Bag Tango, also known as the 10-minute declutter exercise.

Grab two garbage bags, one for rubbish and one for items you want to donate. Aim to fill each bag in 10 minutes and then get rid of them! If you do this once a day for a week, you will be amazed at how much progress you make.

And remember, when the time comes to store all of the items you love or need, take some time to give them a home. A real home where you will remember exactly where they are storded so you never lose them again or get yourself in a stressed out mess! 

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