The Ultimate Garden Tool Storage Solution

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The Ultimate Garageners Storage Solution for the Garden Enthusiast!


Every gardener needs a dedicated storage space to keep their tools tidy and easily accessible.

As the old saying goes, a place for everything and everything in its place!

We have an extensive range of garden tool holders, brackets and hooks to keep your tools safe and secure.

Gardening tools can become messy and dangerous when scattered around your garage or garden shed. The last thing you want is a chainsaw lying around on the ground or brush-cutters fuel containers where kids or pets can get to the tin.


We can install your ultimate garden storage system in your home garage, undercover area, or garden shed. No vision is too small or too large! 

And as well as organising your garden tools and ensuring they're safe, you'll add value to your home and increase your storage space ten-fold!

A GarageKing Storage Solution starts with our perforated wall bays. These are the foundation.

They take full advantage of the height of your garage, so there is no wasted space.

Next comes a selection of garage storage shelves and garage storage cabinets.




  • Store tools like chainsaws, brush cutters and blowers at the top of your storage bays in garden storage brackets and holders.
  • Store chemicals and fuel in lockable garage storage cabinets to keep them away from small fingers and pets.
  • Store items with long handles like rakes, shovels and brooms up high in our shovel and rake bracket rather than leaning against the wall.
  • Use hooks to store items like hand garden tools, seed packets and pruning scissors between garage storage shelves to increase your available storage and take full advantage of every inch of your wall space.
  • Keep those power leads and hoses tidy by rolling them up and storing them in a garden hose holder. 
  • Create a potting station using garage storage shelves, wire storage baskets to store potting mix and fertiliser, and blue bins to store seeds and small pots.

Check out these images for inspo!

And if you need a hand designing your own gardeners garage storage solution get in touch for your FREE measure, design and quote!

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Garage storage for garden tolls and a blower


Garden tools in a potting station

Garden shears hanging on a garage storage wall bay

Garden tool storage

Garden tools in a garage storage system

A brush cutter in a brush cutter storage bracket


Three garage storage baskets containing gardening products

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